Workout Bundle

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  • $262.80
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Are you training hard but not quite seeing the results you want? Or are you simply looking to get more out of what you're already achieving in your workouts? Then the high-quality nutrition in Tropeaka's Workout Bundle is the answer for you!

The Workout Bundle includes:

  • 500g Lean Protein - For toning and building lean muscle
  • 250g Tone BCAA+ - For energy and workouts
  • 200g Coconut Water - Packed full of key electrolytes
  • 500g Boost - Pre-workout performance protein with added superfoods, that provides sustained energy-release throughout your workout.

It's a bundle of Tropeaka's best-selling products that provide you with world-class nutrition for both your exercising and wellness needs.

You save $35 dollars when you purchase this product in Canada.