Hidden Forest Naturals

Celestine Geode Meditation Crystal Bath Bomb

  • $10.00
  • $15.00

Made mindfully by women for women, with Essential Oils and Skin Soothing Botanicals that are all labia safe. 

Inhale the essence of the Celestine Crystal and drop into the sacred warm water. Slip into the meditative state that allows you your higher consciousness to be elevated. 

Follow the footpath to the minds center. Breath in clarity, enveloped in the healing waters the body is immersed in. Offer gratitude for the water, the organic oils and the muscle soothing salt that offers the nourishment needed to enter into the divine space of the mind. 

Pigmented with Butterfly Pea Powder

Scented with essential oil of the fruit of Litsea and Bergamot plants to open the senses, elevate the mind, meet your higher self while enveloped in water warmth.

No synthetic fragrance. Vegan. No harsh SLS or foaming. Food grade, plant pigment. Safe for children and sensitive skin.