Hannahpad Reusable Pantyliner (2 Pack)

  • $14.00
  • $30.00
Antique Indigo
Classy Cat Blue

Hannahpad's pantyliners are super light weight and awesomely breathable option for your everyday needs with spotting, light flow, and backup protection for internal menstrual products.

Wondering how they are made?

From the care label, the leak prevention stitching, and to the double snaps for width adjustment, every little part in hannahpad Pantyliner is made thinking about you. 

Product Information

  • BEST Pantyliner! - Great for backups and everyday use!
  • Certified Organic Cotton - hannahpad cloth pads are certified by Control Union.
  • Unbleached & Undyed - No harmful chemicals in the fabrics.
  • Leak-Proof & Breathable - Inside coating is made of high-quality TPU which allows air to flow through while resisting fluid.
  • High-Quality Snaps - High quality plastic snaps that minimize allergic reaction & are 100% recyclable.