Blackberry Chai

  • $5.50
Sparkling water infused with hemp seed oil and adaptogens.


  • 0g Sugar
  • 10mg Hemp oil - great for focus + clarity
  • 50mg Ginseng - focus + memory
  • 50mg Schisandra - great for stress reduction
  • 30mg of Moringa - anti-inflammatory + powerful anti-oxidation


Carbonated water, Ginseng root powder, Schisandra berry powder, Moringa leaf powder, Hemp seed oil, Black carrot extract, Gardenia extract, Spirulina extract, natural Blackberry flavouring, natural Chai flavouring, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Sunflower Lecithin

Nutrition facts

  • Sugars: 0
  • Calories: 10
  • Potassium: 150mg