About Us

What's Brain Snacks Co?


Brain Snacks Co gives women choices about how they meet their commitments and pursue their passions, including family, work and personal fulfillment. Our storefront is located on Treaty 4 territory in Regina, Saskatchewan and offers women work and study space, supervised play for children and professional development opportunities, all in a unique retail environment with specialty coffee and a plant-forward menu. 

By supporting this Canadian business, you're keeping your dollar local and supporting a mission to close the gender-gap. 

Brain Snacks Co curates products for women that can elevate our health, wellness and consciousness. This includes everything from essential health and beauty products to high-quality superfoods and mindfulness practices for accelerating our success. All of these are available through our online store. 

We don't stop until you've written your own story. We offer women services to elevate their personal and professional success and to begin recovery from doing #allthethings.

Our flagship program, Guide to the Mommy Galaxy helps women embark on motherhood with clarity and wisdom, understanding how motherhood will affect their personhood, career, financial future, mental health and personal relationships. We are working to bring this life-changing experience to women online. 

We won't quit until our basic needs are met. It's important to get women in leadership and decision-making roles in our world. But it is also important to meet our basic needs - safety, food and shelter. We haven't closed the gender gap until these basic needs are met among all the women in our community. 
We are proud to partner with Sofia House, a second-stage shelter in Regina, Saskatchewan, to meet the basic needs of women in our community. Please consider joining us and making a donation. 

If you are interested in retailing any of our products, please contact us at hello@brainsnacks.co.